YWCA McLean County Strategic Plan and Inititatives

I am pleased to present to you with the YWCA McLean County strategic plan.

This plan was the result of many months of information gathering, analysis,  discussion, and consensus building by the YWCA board of directors and staff. It was developed by maintaining a holistic and balanced view of the organization from several perspectives. Rather than being a tactical guide, the plan is strategic in nature and focuses on what we must achieve over the long-term, to best meet the needs of our clients and community.

Each year, the plan is reviewed and refreshed, as needed, to reflect changes in our community and in the political and legislative environment. In addition, annual strategic initiatives are developed in alignment with our plan. The initiatives are tactical work plans that support continuous improvement and help us achieve our strategic goals. Together, the plan and annual initiatives guide us toward our future vision of harnessing the potential of every woman and realizing a world where social justice exists for all.

This year, we are focusing on one priority initiative. With the funding challenges resulting, in part, from more than two years without a state budget, we have chosen to focus on developing ways we can ensure YWCA McLean county remains financially sustainable.

I am grateful for the support and engagement of our community, and together we will continue our mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.


D. Dontae Latson


YWCA McLean County