Prevention Education

As part of YWCA Stepping Stones, we know an important piece to the elimination of sexual abuse and assault is through education, beginning at a young age. To that end, we are on a mission to provide education throughout McLean County to children starting in pre-Kindergarten to high school and college-age students, as well as civic groups and employers.

We have dozens of modules available for you to choose from or we can customize the education to your group. Some presentations are free and some a small stipend is requested, please contact us for more details and to schedule a session today!

Our most popular curriculum includes:

Talking about Touching
Appropriate for pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade, includes five 25-30 minute sessions.
Students will learn to always ask first before going anywhere with anyone, the difference between safe touches (hugs, high-fives, etc.) and unsafe touches (kicks, hits, punches). They will also learn that no one should touch their private body parts except to keep them clean and healthy and what to do if they are hurt or feel unsafe, including how to tell an adult.

Healthy Relationships
Appropriate for junior high school students, includes five sessions.
During this five lesson curriculum, students will learn the difference in communication styles and how to use these when addressing bullying. Students will learn the importance of establishing boundaries in friendships and other relationships. Students will learn characteristics of healthy relationships and the differences between sexual harassment and flirting.

Healthy Relationships
Appropriate for high school students, includes three sessions.
This three lesson curriculum teaches how to establish healthy boundaries, the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, including the cycle of abuse, and consent and how to intervene when they see a potential sexual assault.

Path to Healing
Appropriate for adult men, includes 10-20 sessions.
This curriculum is currently offered at the McLean County jail. This discussion-based curriculum allows participants to explore and share their thoughts on a variety of topics that affect men in our society.  Men are introduced to various ideas that challenge and expand their current viewpoint.

Girls BE U
Appropriate for junior high and high school girls, includes 10 one-hour sessions.
Girls: Building Empowerment and Uniqueness (Girls BE U) is an empowerment group offered to McLean County junior high and high school girls which allows them to explore their own unique and positive qualities through an open and creative curriculum. As program participants gain greater self-awareness and confidence, their newly acquired skills and knowledge will enable them to become leaders and role models for others. The program allows girls to meet new people, try new things, and tap into their personal strengths and abilities within a safe and healthy environment.

Illinois Imagines
Appropriate for adults with disabilities, includes five 45-minute sessions.
This five lesson curriculum covers healthy relationships and how to identify a potentially unhealthy relationship. Participants learn communication skills on how to work through conflict and how to stay safe in a relationship.


For more information or to schedule prevention education for your classroom or group, please contact YWCA Stepping Stones director of community outreach at (309) 662-0461, ext. 267 or email