Helping You Stay Active Through Volunteering

AmeriCorps is the federal agency connecting individuals and organizations through service and volunteering to tackle the nation's most pressing challenges.

We help those age 55 and older put their skills and life experiences to work for their community by facilitating volunteering through carefully matched placement and providing follow-up support.

Call us at (309) 662-0461, ext. 249 to learn how you can get involved! RSVP is housed and managed through YWCA McLean County.

Crisis Program

In April 2017 we began a crisis program that is aimed to alleviate hunger within our community, with an emphasis on crisis situations. This program uses the expansive force of RSVP volunteers to assist individuals and families in need throughout our community. All referrals for this service are made through partnering agencies in McLean County.


Providing Snacks to Elementary Schools

One of the things we do as part of the crisis program is to ensure children are not going without food during the school day.

Bent Elementary School is one of the schools that is served by the RSVP Crisis Program.

At Bent many students don’t have lunch until early afternoon after arriving at school as early as 8:30 a.m. The teachers allow snacks in the classroom to help them through the morning, but many families aren’t financially able to provide additional food for their children. This is where RSVP comes in and provides snacks to the students. The kids are then able to concentrate on their work without their growling stomachs keeping them distracted.

This part of the program also lifts the burden from teachers, where they may have had to dig into their own pocket to provide for the students. We endeavor to provide items for each classroom in need.

Trisha Horner, founder of Fibers of Love. Click the photo to read her story.
Pen Pal Party 2011 003

“Thank you so much for the snacks you provided for my 1st grade class this year. Your donations filled a gap in our classroom this year and we are grateful. I always provide some sort of snack, but your contribution allowed me to spend more of my money on large floor puzzles, Mobilo blocks for indoor recess days, and prizes for the treasure chest. Thanks so much for thinking of us! When you’re six years old and hungry, it’s hard to focus on reading! So, somewhere down the line, you helped an entire class of 1st graders learn to read! :)”


~ Cynthia Williams, Bent Elementary School